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The Periscope Group was developed over the spring and summer of 2018 by three concerned citizens of Manitowoc, Wisconsin who, for a long time, have been observing various decisions, proposals and actions by various institutions of local government including the City of Manitowoc, the County of Manitowoc and the Manitowoc Board of Education.

We developed our Group based on the following mission:

“The mission of the Periscope Group is to monitor and examine decisions, actions, budgets and projects of the city, county and school district government entities so as to provide accountability and transparency, to honestly balance, clearly educate and inform the citizens of Manitowoc County regarding their elected official’s positions.”

So why now?  If you look back over the last few decades and more importantly, the last five to ten years, it is evident our city and county are not growing and, it appears to us, that our citizens are not getting their “moneys worth” from those we have elected to run our city, county and school board.

If you watch the Council’s meetings or attend committee meetings, you will observe a lack of original thought, the wish to reach a consensus on issues thereby diluting decisions into votes that often fail to achieve something that is the best outcome for our citizens.  There seems to be very little leadership to hold  employees of the city and county accountable often times making one wonder who is running the city.  New ideas by committee chairman are often not even considered and if passed by a committee are many times not supported by leadership often siding with the department directors so as not to create “waves” or change the status quo.

So this is where we are coming from.  You will continue to hear from us as we try to educate the public, provide government accountability and transparency, increase public awareness on important issues, encourage public involvement, offer thoughtful positions on matters of government policy and offer ideas for city and county change and development.

We welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas all in the spirit of making our city and county a better place.

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