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Kamogawa Update

A few weeks ago we published an article entitled “Digging Deeper into the Kamogawa Sister City Relationship—Part I” (  This article obviously implied a Part II (and maybe more), and the article included the question:  

If elected officials aren’t completely paying their own way over to Kamogawa, but they aren’t receiving any taxpayer money, where exactly is the money coming from?

Finding the answer to this question is proving to be, well, elusive.  After going back and forth with the Finance Department for about a week, we gave up and went to the City Attorney with a Public Information request. That was on January 10th.  On Friday, February 1st, we received several documents from the City pertaining to the Kamogawa funding.  To our reading (and to the reading of some confidants), the information to answer that question was not present.  

This is frustrating, as we believe that our original request(s) were very clear.  We are going back to the City with another clarification, and of course we will keep you posted.  

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